What Clients Say


 "As a result of a concussion suffered in a serious car accident, my mental sharpness had deteriorated significantly. I was also extremely anxious when driving on the highway. In my first session, Julie guided me to a re-creation of the moment of impact which then allowed us to purge the negative consequences of the accident from my system and free my mind to begin healing. I am now better than ever, a transformational experience for me. Thank you Julie!

Julie is an extraordinary individual with an amazing talent for healing. I cannot explain how she does what she does or how she knows what she knows. I can attest to the fact that if you trust her completely, then she can probably help you and if she can’t help you, then she will tell you."

G.S. Waterloo, Ontario

“After my last session I felt very very tired the first couple of days, but slowly I have seen some really wonderful results. I do not know whether the session was part of the changes, but can only assume it had something to do with it. The 2 noticeable results were the emotional pain I have been experiencing for nearly two years has *for the first time* truly subsided. My outlook on the future is so positive now.  When I think about my ex, I do not feel that pain I once felt. I never thought I’d get to that point! Secondly, my skin has almost cleared up. I have had bad acne starting since my break-up (2 years) and a month ago my face began to clear up.  So I’m feeling very happy and content.” JK Belgium

"From the very start, Julie made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  She explained that The Bodytalk System can detect imbalances and help the body to heal itself, even emotional issues.  Even after our first session I felt more in touch with my body and environment, and I experienced a new awareness and a kind of freedom that I haven't felt for years.  Something seemed to 'switch' inside me.  Now just four sessions in, the issues I went to see Julie with have almost completely disappeared and in the meantime my body has revealed some interesting emotional and physical imbalances that I wasn't even aware of.  Bodytalk is astonishingly accurate and the healing process is fast.  It's fascinating!" SB Hong Kong

"Julie Bolduc certainly knows what she is talking about! Prior to seeing Julie I was on the road to the next dress size up. I went to see her because I felt I need to detox and start on a safe eating plan. Julie’s pleasant nature made me feel at ease from the moment we started to chat so I went on the 15 day liver detox plan which was tough for a few days, but once I finished I felt so much better. Those afternoon slumps became a thing of the past as I had so much more energy AND lost 2 inches off my waste and 3 kilos on the scale. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?" PB Hong Kong

"Having sessions with Julie has been the most amazing experience for me.  Over the years I have tried different healing modalities with some success – NAET, cranio-sacral, yoga, physical therapy, somatics, colonic irrigation, the list goes on, but with BodyTalk I made progress much faster and at the same time gained a better understanding of myself and how I am connected with other people and world around me. 

I brought in my entire family to Julie. The kids just adore her! Amazing connections started happening between our family members. Not only have health issues improved, but our relationships have as well – and like magic! I deeply appreciate how Julie patiently takes the time to explain things to us when we have questions.  

Words are inadequate to express the jubilation I experienced when Julie and BodyTalk came into my life! Many thanks, Julie. (Mille fois merci!)" KT France