Our Services

Brain Health Coaching



Julie is passionate about Brain Health. As a graduate from Dr. Amen’s professional Brain Health Coaching program (Amen Clinics USA), Julie provides specialized brain health education from Dr. Amen’s integrative health program and extensive research. This holistic approach includes questionnaires, nutritional assessments, supplementation, lab testing, lifestyle changes and relaxation techniques.  Julie can also help you set up a SPECT scan appointment with one of the Amen Clinics in the USA.

Brain Thrive by 25


A program developed by Dr. Daniel Amen (Amen Clinic USA) that teaches teenagers and young adults to fall in love with their brains and take care of them. Topics include: Brain anatomy, substance abuse, nutrition, exercise, brain injuries, anxiety/depression and relationships.  A fun, information packed program! 

Nutrition Programs


We take into account all aspects of the client: lifestyle, diet, physical, mental and emotional well-being when creating a program that brings results. Food Sensitivity and gut permeability testing is offered. Amazing results happen when combined with our Brain Health Coaching sessions.

Lab Testing



IgG Food sensitivities

Diamine Oxidase/Histamine for intestinal inflammation

Zonulin for intestinal permeability/"Leaky Gut" 

Calprotectin – the key to differentiating between IBS and IBD



Adrenal Check

Female Wellness

Male Wellness

Circadian Melatonin

​We work with Fluids IQ in Quebec. 

NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback


Have you trained your brain today?NeurOptimal® works as an electrical information-detection system, noticing the differences in the activity. By simply offering the brain this information about what it just did, NeurOptimal® Training helps the brain notice what it is doing in the present moment and this information allows the brain to organically re-organize itself, activating its own healing wisdom. As a result of Training, Clients have reported their brain to be flexible and resilient, responding faster naturally.


NF is widely used by top tier organizations and individuals who want to improve physical and mental performance, such as athletes,

professional Trainers, business people, musicians, performers, and students.

Neurofeedback is a tool that is used in schools, mental health facilities and by general health care professionals.

BodyMind Healing



Julie uses a gentle, non-invasive system called BodyTalk.  Using BodyTalk we can understand the influence the psychology of the body has on our health. Our emotions, thoughts and beliefs can have a huge impact on our physical state. By using a subtle form of muscle feedback, Julie can find underlying stressors in the body and address the whole-person and their whole-story. BodyTalk helps with many conditions such as PTSD, TBI’s, ADHD, ASD, anxiety, depression, digestive ailments and hormonal issues.