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What We Do


Brain Health Education

Your brain is unique and there isn't another like it! Learning how your brain operates and the areas that may be affected are important to know in order to effectively heal it. Like Dr. Amen (famous psychiatrist and SPECT scan advocate) says: " When our brains work right, you work right!" Our practitioners are trained in Brain Health Coaching, Brain Thrive by 25 (for teens and young adults), Nutrition, Mindfulness and Meditation coaching and many other therapies. We also conduct informative evening and weekend seminars for children, teens and adults. We would love to help you on your brain health journey.


Our Clients

Our clients range from toddler age to seniors. We also see those who have been diagnosed with:

ADHD                PTSD

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)


Learning disorders


Traumatic Brain Injuries

Memory Issues

Hormonal Issues & Adrenal Fatigue



Nutrition, Testing and Supplements

What you put into your body affects the brain. As most of our "feel-good" hormones (Serotonin, Dopamine & GABA) are made in our gut, it's important that you eat healthy to enhance your brain function. We are able to conduct tests for foods that may be causing inflammation in the brain and body, as well as recommend specific supplements to aid in the healing process. 


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Brain health is important for a happy, healthy, long life!

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KW Brain Health Coaching

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